Let's talk about gameplay...

Graphics good, but no gameplay. (c)

People, who played with me on the last build, said that graphics looks good, but you need to add more interactive things and change gameplay, also remove unwanted pages which were popular with Slender. Most of it I can agree that nothing you can do in my game. Just go to the forest, try to find pages and run from werewolf - this isn’t thing. I wanted to make a remake of Survivers Beta, but I can see that I need to go away from current concept of the game and make something interesting which you can do something in dark scary forest. Someone recommended to make familiar to Dead by Daylight. I need to add more interactives, puzzles, lore, things, so people can enjoy gameplay in the process. From that moment I will try to make new gameplay.

If you have ideas, just leave it in Discord server or in comments below.

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