Survivors: Reboot (PreAlpha v0.1.2)

New features:

● New UI
● Character with animations + footstep sounds
● Raw and worked multiplayer (go down for instruction)
● Simple AI for werewolf. He only walks and doing nothing

● Remade stamina system
● Flashlight shine a little bit far in near mode
● Reduced walk and sprint for character
● Added LOD’s for models. Right now it doesn’t have very large optimization.

● Some problems with replications. For example, someone flashlight is off, but for other flashlight is on.
● Sound of footsteps plays to everyone.
● Werewolf walks only to server, who made host of game.
● Same problem with papers. Only server can collect.
● When you are holding Shift while standing, stamina reduced and activates shake camera

Instruction about hosting a server:
1) Open a port 7777
2) Launch the game and launch session (Play -> Host -> Launch)
3) As soon as you appear on the map, give your IP to clients. Join to the server throw Play -> Join.
4) Don’t join to server until he appears on the map.

Follow project here:
Discord Server / TumblrVK Group / Gamejolt / ToDo and informationTrello


Survivors: Reboot (PreAlpha v0.1.2) - 64 bit
Mar 24, 2018

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i think the download button is broken. i am trying to download your game and it wont download.

I had the same problem, but not always. I will fix it as soon as possible.

I fixed it. Now you can download it :)